As an alternative to a professional, you can try to repair minor damage yourself.

“Repair & Share” offers you support with repairs.

Our recommendations for DIY help

Repair Café

Would you like to repair one of your defective appliances?
At Repair Cafe you can do this with the help of experts.


iFixit is a knowledge network created and constantly updated by over 1 millon hobbyists, technicians and volunteers. There are currently over 40,000 free manuals, over 125,000 solutions for over 11,000 devices available online.

Social ReUse

Social Reuse est un projet pilote de divers centres de recyclage. The concept of the project is that the people of Luxembourg can donate devices that are still working.
These are first diagnosed on site and reused if the test is successful.

Repair Café

Repair Cafés are volunteer-run meetings at which participants repair their non-functioning items together: small electrical devices, clothes, bicycles, toys, small items of furniture and lots more…

Anything that is damaged or non-functioning and has earned a chance of a second life is welcome.

Often damaged or non-functional items are thrown away far too quickly. As soon as items have any defects, we dispose of them and buy a new product.

Repair Café wants to change this situation! Valuable knowledge about repairs should thus be passed on, resources saved and waste avoided.

A Repair Café is also a place for meeting and exchange. Drinking a cup of coffee, eating a piece of cake and exchanging ideas with other citizens from the region is just as important to us as the repairs themselves: exchange tips, initiate new projects and simply have a good time together!

But you don’t know exactly how it works?

With our new free offer, we are supporting councils, organisations, associations or other groups to organise their own Repair Cafés.

  • We set up an information evening with you.
  • We give you a toolkit with plenty of useful tips and templates
  • We offer interactive and informative training courses for the group organising the respective Repair Café.

This will help establish “Repair Café Communities” throughout Luxemburg who can organise regular Repair Cafés independently.

For more information and to get in touch: Stresses that the necessary safety standards and measures must always be observed for all works.
This is particularly true in the case of electrical or fire equipment. In case of uncertainty or lack of experience, a specialist should be consulted or called.
The information provided (links) is for general information purposes only and does not replace individual advice in individual cases.