About us

The Flécken à Léinen project is changing its name to repair and share. The concept however remains the same. Do I always need a new one? Do I always need to own one?

Repairing and sharing can be great alternatives for saving money and space. And that helps not only you, but the environment too. By repairing and sharing you are actively helping to save valuable and ever scarcer resources and you are also saving the environment from unnecessary waste.

With this platform we help you search for and find a company that will repair your non-working item or hire out to you the item you need.
You get in direct contact with the company and sort out all the necessary details.

You can find all the currently participating companies here

You can also identify participating companies by the “repair & share” label.

A few useful tips

What to bear in mind when going for a repair:

  • Describe the defect as accurately as possible and agree expressly (in writing wherever possible) what is to be repaired.
  • If applicable, supply the operating manual.
  • Ask for an estimate of cost.
  • Ask how long the repair should take.

What to bear in mind when hiring:

  • When signing a hire contract, read the small print:
    – Is the item insured?
    – Who is liable in the case of damage?
    – What will it cost of the hire period is exceeded?
  • Make sure that the item is clean and free from defects when you receive it, and that you return it in the same state.
  • Treat the borrowed product as if it where your own, i.e. with care.

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